Tuesday, 20 November 2007


HI People! 20/11/07

I was hoping to upload the EFT Manual for you all on here, but I tried and it hasn't worked, and as the Library computors are playing up today, well I will Just have to provide you with the URL that will bring it up for you.

http://emofree.com/dw.asp?i=E&c=248878 (click on the if your having trouble click here thing and it will soon appear). I suggest you read it all to get Gary Craig's overview of the Technique how he came by it etc. As the Technique in itself is pritty easy to use once you've run through it a couple of times. For those who want the nitty gritty from page 20 -28 onwards gives you the juice of the technique itself.

It nolonger suprising to me that yet another syncronicity occurred after my downloading the technique to floppy disc, it was last Thursday and after reading through it when I got home, I had the BBC radio 5 'up all night' show on and the talk was of American Soldiers committing suicide to the tune of 120 per week. If your a dilligent reader of the manual you will see that Gary has done work with Veterans in helping them get rid of PTSD. Its a wonder given the success that he claims to achieve i.e. Within minutes of using the technique long standing issues dissapearing, you would think that the military must know that this has been achieved (or Gary is telling porky pies) and that they ought to be teaching the technique to all Soldiers as part of their handling the stresses of serving in a war zone training.

You will also see that like myself he sees that psychiatry does not produce success, that infact its a psuedo science, and effective therapy more luck than judgement. The only question is will the Welsh Assemblies Health N Social Services Committee club together get the videos from Gary and show the rest of the Assembly and give it a trial run to see if it is as Efficatious as Gary claims (maybe the M.O.D. will give it a go as well, if they see the results for themselves).

Like the Brainwave Syncronisation of Bill Harris tools for growth that do not need Psychiatrists, if the one I have sampled at the hands of Bro Taff Health Authority is anything to go by, that is no loss to those who have issues that need effective treatment.

So will the Health n Social Services Committee send for the CD's if I was on their income I would get them and forward them to the First Minister myself.

Well what are you waiting for, how many kids would benefit from tapping 'while I have this learning maths issue I deeply and completely accept myself '.

Love n Light people
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UPDATE NOV 2008 By now a few of you may have looked at the videos on youtube where I have favourited Brad Yates and his Tap o the morning video heres the link http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=aoSzivsQkVI if its nolonger available try the tap o the evening on http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=xWTouQnHVPI

all the best Crazydave